1. Seifeldin AlKhedir says:

    Dear Mr.Carel
    I looking for same your topic, i have image but the some part metadata not existed because downloaded from Facebook, i want to know who first man uploaded it on faceback and take it by owns camera.
    Please can you help me?
    Kind regard
    Seifeldin AlKhedir

    • Carl Seibert says:

      If, IF, the person who uploaded the image to Facebook put his or her name and copyright information on the photo in the appropriate IPTC fields, that information should still be on the image when you download it. The Creator and Copyright fields are the only ones that survive a trip through Facebook. If the original uploader did not fill in those fields, you’re pretty much out of luck. All the Exif and all the other IPTC fields will have been removed. Your best chance at finding anything out about such a picture is to try to find the picture with reverse image search, either through Google or TinEye. Of course, Facebook knows exactly who uploaded it. But they won’t tell you 🙁

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