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Today’s shrinking media landscape means that news outlets can’t produce all the content they need. Editors are hungry for your photos and videos. The opportunity and challenge is to provide content that meets publishers’ needs and quality expectations, while enhancing the audience’s perception of your clients’ brands.

We can guide you through the process of creating and delivering photos and videos that stand up to professional scrutiny and fit easily into online and print publication workflows, reducing friction that often determines whose content reaches consumers and whose lands on the “cutting room floor”.

We can show you what to look for in photos and videos and how to get material that meets the standard, whether by working with your clients to access existing work or by hiring photographers and videographers to create new work.

We will show you the intricacies of copyright and how to be confident that you have valid licenses for work you intend to submit or publish yourself. Every editor contends with submitted work that has the potential to expose his or her publication to legal liability. Be the trustworthy provider and your content will move to the head of the line.

“We can guide you through the process of creating and delivering photos and videos that stand up to professional scrutiny and fit easily into online and print publication workflows…”

The mechanics of delivery of content are critically important. Pixel dimensions, color spaces, frame rates, codecs, delivery and streaming methods, and metadata standards compliance are all factors that matter. Get them right and you provide a friction-free experience for editors and a quality outcome for your clients’ brands. Get them wrong and, well, there’s always room on that cutting room floor.

We can provide training on best practices, software, and standards that get results and eliminate wasted effort. Nobody has the resources they would like to. The gap between resources and market space on the publishing side is what’s driving opportunities for PR and Content Marketing today. But you need to make the most of your limited resources, too. Our workflow-driven approach means you work more efficiently.

The life cycle of visual content tends to be reactive. That means wasted effort and frustration. We’ll help you be proactive. The right strategy and the right actions up front translate to more timely delivery, better results and less work, as simple as that. We believe in future-proofing your assets. Right now, you may have a dozen videos on YouTube and a hundred client headshots in your Dropbox account. Soon enough, you’ll have hundreds of thousand of visual assets, probably worth millions of dollars in a sophisticated Digital Asset Management system. Our best practices and workflow strategies will mean less wasted effort now and will ensure your assets will be ready and available long into the future. And we can help you plan, acquire and migrate to that DAM system as well.

We focus on helping you manage your own visual workflow, “teaching a man to fish”, as they say. But sometimes you’re working on a project and your resources are just maxed out. We have editors, photographers and filmmakers who can do what needs to be done, whether it’s an intricate video project or simply taking time on the phone with the client to chase down that elusive photo.

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