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The Date and Time menu item on a Fijufilm X-Pro3
Set Your Camera Clock’s Time November 2, 2020

It’s time to “fall back” an hour – again For most US-based photographers, Sunday, November 1 marked the time to readjust camera clocks at the end of Daylight Saving Time. In most of Europe, the fateful date was last Sunday, October 25. And in most of Asia, countries don’t take… Read more

Search box in Photo Mechanic Plus
Photo Mechanic Plus Released October 16, 2020

Camera Bits has released Photo Mechanic Plus, the company’s new digital asset management product for photographers. Photo Mechanic Plus combines a full-featured instance of Photo Mechanic 6 with new photo cataloging capabilities.

Photographers have very different digital asset management needs than the usual customers of DAM systems, like marketing departments, for example.  Read more

Licensable badge appears in Google Images
Licensable goes live September 1, 2020

Google Images Licensable feature allows photographers to place clickable contact information on images The IPTC announced today that Google’s new Licensable feature is now live on Google Images. The new feature allows photographers to trigger a badge that identifies photos as “Licensable” by filling in the correct fields in their… Read more

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