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Leica M11-P Product picture
First Camera With CAI Content Credentials Introduced December 17, 2023

New camera adds content authenticity metadata to photos, helping in the fight against disinformation. A content credential proves your picture is real. You probably want that. We look at how it works and what it means. Read more

A controlled vocabulary keyword in Photo Mechanic's Keywords field
Use Controlled Vocabulary Directly in Photo Mechanic’s Keywords Field May 26, 2021

Enter controlled vocabulary terms with just a few keystrokes in any Photo Mechanic field that has a flyout menu

In Photo Mechanic and Photo Mechanic Plus, you can use the Autocomplete type-ahead feature to enable a controlled vocabulary right in your Keywords field.

In my last post, I entered a keyword for the name of my cat Donut by typing just three characters – “Don[enter]”. Read more

Keywording to support your caption May 19, 2021

A cat teaches us some stuff about metadata

Take a second glance at your caption and keywords to do a better job of anticipating search queries.  The Keywords field is just waiting to serve you by – among other things – providing a place for potential search terms that didn’t make it into your caption. 
Read more

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