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IPTC Editor vs Template Editor illustration
IPTC Editor vs Template Editor in Photo Mechanic July 20, 2020

Which of Photo Mechanic’s two IPTC editors should you use and when? Photo Mechanic has two, count ‘en two, big fancy metadata editor dialogs – Metadata (IPTC) Info and Metadata (IPTC) Template. What’s the difference? When should we use one or the other? Let’s look at both editors in some… Read more

Screenshot of Google Images
Google features rights info; Squarespace to support rights metadata May 28, 2020

  Google and a persistent photographer each provide a victory for artists’ rights Beginning today, May 27, 2020, Google Images will display image rights metadata just under an image’s preview rather than hiding it behind a link. And in a separate victory for artists rights metadata, website hosting company SquareSpace… Read more

Licensors dialog in Photo Mechanic
Update: Photo Mechanic adds Licensor fields May 4, 2020

The entire Licensors structure is now available in Photo Mechanic; Google Licensable will expose two of the fields Photo Mechanic has released support for the PLUS Licensor metadata fields that will be exposed in the new Google Licensable feature. You’ll find it in Photo Mechanic 6, Build 4538, and later.… Read more

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