1. Dennis Linden says:

    Hi Carl, I have enjoyed and learned from your YouTube videos how to use Metadata for my needs. I viewed all your videos related to DAM programs and am a PM user. Recently I discovered a new DAM, which has actually been around a long long time and as I DAM, I feel that IMatch from PhoTools is an excellent tool. It has a similar approach to PM when it comes to template tagging, but it goes quite a bit further that PM when it actually comes to management. I have played with the PM6+ beta, but that program, as good and FAST as it is, still lags far behind. As with all good tools, there is a bit of a learning curve with IMatch, but Mario, the developer, could not be more responsive on the forum. For every obstacle I have had in the past, some one else has also had, and IMatch seems to be able to solve them all. I’d be interested in seeing what you thing.

    • Carl Seibert says:

      Hi Dennis, I just took a look at IMatch’s webpage. It looks interesting. It strikes me as a bit more along the lines of a business DAM as opposed to the very photographer-oriented DAMs like ON1, Lightroom (and soon Photo Mechanic +) I particularly like that it seems to be standards compliant and that they have a server-based version. Maybe it eluded my attention because it’s Windows-only. We now have a Windows machine in house, so I think I’ll take a look in the coming months. – Carl

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