Help Hurricane Dorian Victims

Here are three charities through which you can send help to the survivors of this devastating storm.

Red Cross logoThe American Red Cross

You can earmark donations for Dorian victims

WCK logo

World Central Kitchen

A small charity reported to be doing a great job feeding Dorian’s victims

Bahamas Red Cross logo

Bahamas Red Cross

Reach the Bahamas Red Cross directly

Manage Your Stuff

Managing assets and workflows. Today’s digital world generates a flood of media assets destined for diverse platforms. Carl Seibert Solutions can help manage and curate all that content.

A Digital Asset Management System is the power tool to bring order to your digital world. But the process should start long before you write a check for a DAM. Learn more.

Need Skills?

Need to sharpen your visual communications effectiveness?

From showing marketers and agencies the best tools and practices for editing and distributing visual content, to finding the most talented photographers and videographers, to technical problem solving, Carl Seibert Solutions can help.

Get in touch.

Metadata to the Rescue

Photographers – protect copyrights and preserve your legacy.

Webmasters – know that assets on your sites are legally yours to publish.

Marketers – ensure that media you distribute meets professional standards.

It’s all done with metadata. Learn more on our new blog.

Join our campaign to make the world a better place for creators and users of digital content.

Yet another metadata flap on social media

Join us in the blog for a look at how Facebook treats your metadata. And what else they may or may not be doing

Google Images now supports some IPTC metadata. Read all about it here.

And more news in the blog

We have noteworthy occurrences on the copyright and standards fronts.


Every picture you make or deliver to a client, or consider for publication, should be labeled with what it depicts, who made it, who owns the copyright. Is that too much to ask? I think not! But rarely is that information available. We can work to change that. Visit our blog to learn how you can help set that right, starting with your own works.

From the blog…

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