1. No save as option for Text Edit (and others). At least this means that I will not edit a file and forget to save as a different name (changing the original). The duplicate option works for me… after getting used to this different workflow.

  2. I did make an Automator “Quick Action” to create the keyword list. I basically does what you describe.
    1) open automator and create a new Quick Action for documents in finder.app
    2) add the following sections
    * Get contents of TextEdit Document
    * Filter Paragraphs that do not begin with [
    * Run Shell Script (/bin/zsch) pass input: to stdin
    add this text: sed $’s/\t//g; s/\{//; s/\}//;’
    * New Text File (plain text)
    save as ‘Updated_Keywords.txt’ on desktop replacing existing files
    3) Save this workflow as KWupdate.workflow

    Then find your ExportKeywords_UTF8.txt file and open it in Textedit
    Then select the quick action from finder (right click) and the updated keywords file will be created.

    Filter removes the labels
    The Shell script uses ‘sed’ to remove tabs and brackets.
    The New Text File file name and location can be changed if needed.

  3. Update: Add at the start of the workflow:
    * Open Finder Items open with TextEdit
    * Pause for 2 seconds
    Then the exported keyword file is opened automatically
    when selecting the ‘QuickAction’

    an optional step could be added at the end:
    * Quit Application Textedit.app

    • Carl Seibert says:

      Hi Henry, I apologize. Your comments were languishing in my moderation queue. I just saw them today while I was there on a spam-cleaning mission. I have belatedly rescued them.

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