1. Extremely nice article/review of PM+, especially since I just upgraded. I used Lightroom for many many years before, without caring much about the database or catalogs, but after switching to PM and another workflow, I want to take it more seriously… I would like to just see some video tutorials on how to use PM+. I also have a question. Beacuse Photoshop is a big part of my workflow, can I also add my PSB files/folder to the catalog? Or will only the RAW files be added?

    • Carl Seibert says:

      Funny you should bring that up. Yes indeed, I am working, way too slowly, on a pair of videos. One will be a video version of this post – a review and something of a How-To for using PM+. With, hopefully, a couple of cool tips. The other will be search fundamentals for photographers. I’ll use Photo Mechanic Plus, but it won’t be specific to it. Of course, I have a whole playlist of videos applicable to the “regular” Photo Mechanic 6 side of PM+. metadatamatters.blog/youtube

      As for PSB files, I never thought about it. Just checked and no, Photo Mechanic does not appear to be able to display them. Lead developer Kirk Baker said recently in the Photo Mechanic forums that support for that format isn’t planned.

      So… make JPEG copies of your PSBs. Given that PSBs are huge by definition, space shouldn’t be a problem. PM+ will work fine with the JPEGs and you can hop with a right-click from search results to the folder where the originals live. The PSB should be right next to the JPEG. (Remember to turn on View> Unknown Files As Proxies so that you can see the PSBs as icons in the Photo Mechanic thumbnail grid.)

      Next, you’re going to -rightfully – wonder: Since Photo Mechanic can’t make short work out of making the JPEGs for you, how might you accomplish that? If you have PSBs, you must have Photoshop and if you have Photoshop, you have Bridge. If you multi-select files in Bridge, you can choose Tools > Photoshop > Batch from Bridge’s main menu. If you have an Action in Photoshop that will save out JPEGs, you’re set to go. It won’t be anywhere near as painless as making renditions in Photo Mechanic, but it will get the job done without too much strain. If the PSB has metadata, the JPEG will inherit it.

      I hope this helps.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Thank you.

        It’s almost like using the RAW + JPEG…

        Annoys me because that’s exactly why I used to go back to Bridge after culling and adding critical metadata/keywords to my files. Although it’s an easy process if you work with actions/droplets like you mentioned, but it takes extra time, time I could spend on something more productive.

  2. Doug says:

    Hi Carl,

    Thanks for this – very helpful.

    I’m intrigued by your comment about the number of catalogs you have. How many and what is the reason you would have less? I’ve got about 10 which largely mirror my folder system, but looking at dividing them up into Jobs and Personal to start with which makes some sense to me.


    • Carl Seibert says:

      I have eight. That happened in large part because I only gradually added more content to PM+ back when it was in beta. On the one hand, I can treat all eight catalogs as if they were one, or be pretty granular if I want to be, with no penalty. On the other hand, having so many catalogs means there are more occasions when picture needs to live in two of them. That can be a pain.

      If you have a well organized folder structure and your catalogs stay well defined, in other words if you are better organized then I am, go for it. I can’t recall if there’s even a limit to the number of catalogs the program can support. If there is, it’s an enormous number. The real limit would be when there are too many to view comfortably in the interface.

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