Here are links to variations on a landing page for the blog.

Note that the ones with no header branding have menus that don’t work right, or at all. This version would be contingent on me figuring out how to fix that.

The Read all posts link should be closer to the content above it. There is a way to do this, but’s going to take me hours to learn it.  UPDATE: Figured out how to do it. Only took an hour or so. The “See all posts” link is now neatly tucked up under the last post in that top loop.  (I think this means I’m on my way toward making a shallow alternative header, as well.)

The mismatched depths of the little banner pictures on the version that has them above the category listings can be easily fixed. It’s just fiddly labor.

The breadcrumbs are for your convenience. I would certainly suppress them on the versions where they are above the banner image.

Category pages would look like the archive page in category livery, with just one category displayed. Or they can look like the current archive page, which is at the Blog link on my main nav.

Thanks for looking!




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