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My blog has a pretty good search function. There’s a box at the bottom of every page. You can use it to find information on lots of topics. Also at the bottom of each page is a link to the IPTC’s online metadata reader. You can use that to check to see if metadata is on any image you may find.


My How-To videos on YouTube:

My YouTube How-To playlist on Google Images metadata:

My YouTube video on working with metadata in Photoshop. (Illustrator is exactly the same.)

My YouTube video on working with metadata in Adobe Bridge

IPTC Photo Metadata page:

IPTC Licensable help page:

Google help page for Licensable:

Visual Resources Association:

Getty Research Institute Art & Architecture Thesaurus:

Useful blog posts:

Working with metadata templates

A guide to IPTC fields (a bit old, but still useful)

Working with metadata in Lightroom

If your site uses Drupal

If your site uses WordPress   (This page has a step-by-step on testing to make sure your site preserves metadata.)

When Licensable went live

Persistent photographer pressures web platform to honor metadata.       This is an inspiring story.

The slide deck

Can be downloaded here.

Starter templates

Templates for illustrators

Templates for photographers



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